What's a Haddock?

It's a fish. It's a captain. And it's an invention lab.

Founded in 2006 on the back of a $20 heat sealer bought on eBay, those of us at Haddock have spent our youth gleefully working on clean energy, clean water, and green packaging disruptions for our clients and in our own initiatives and spin-outs. We typically work on the entire life of a technology, from the initial need assessment, through constraint and concept development, on through prototypes and finally through manufacturing.

As an invention lab, Haddock is different than a startup in that we work on three to five projects concurrently. Ideas come in cycles, rising and falling like water in a vast weather system, and one of our core beliefs is that invention labs can use this circulation of ideas over time in powerful ways that normal startups can't.

Our heroes are Albert Einstein, Hedy Lamarr, Elon Musk, Paul Polak, Charles Sperry, Chester Carlson, Thomas Edison, Amy Smith, and Marcel DuChamp.

Harder problems = better solutions.

Most of the products we develop have the potential for “confluence”, or applications in both the developing and wealthy world. We've found that whenever new products are developed to serve new customers at radically different price points, neat and often unexpected things happen. Most of these things are good.

Our invention philosophy

  1. Simpler is better.
  2. Frugal engineering. A $0.10 water disinfection system will be fundamentally different than a $100 device. We treat the target device cost as the most important factor in product development, a constraint that often forces into existence new and better technologies.
  3. Invention happens around the whole world, as often in La Borgne, Haiti as in Silicon Valley. Combining the talents of inventors, designers, and engineers from around the world is the key to solving big problems.

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